You, me and "The Robot" build your website

There are some things you can do yourself. The "robot" does the rest.
And I’m here to pick up the pieces

The Robot

Let me introduce myself

'Me' is actually a team of outstanding concept creators, programmers and designers who hate to repeat the same tricks over and over again. So we built a completely automated platform, "Robot". This helps us to build your website faster, which means ... cheaper for you. You can kickstart your website with the configuration wizard. This also helps us, which also means... cheaper for you.


man meets robot

And you are?

Looking for a website

looking for a website

Great! Together we can fix it. You don't need an entire IT-department. Just start by filling in our moadboard so we get to know you.

An agency

An agency

Super! The first time you will probably need support, but from there on you will launch website after website! Therefore we have a special price plan for agencies.

Wexl Hosting

A hosting company

Outstanding! You will have all kind of customers in need for a website, but it's not your core business. I can help you with a white label solution. Together we can earn some money. See our special price plan for hosting companies.

Why pick us?

We've built hundreds of custom websites. So we know whats customers need. In the We-XL project we aim to make the more complex websites available for everyone. 

Personal attention

It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer, have a small or big company. I personally am there to support you to get the best result.

Identity integration

Just like you, we also love our freedom. But we also love a tidy, clean website with your distinct identity. So we setup your personal CMS with loads of options, but limited to the colours, fonts, etc defined by your identity.

No code platform

This means you can create entire sections on your website without any programming skills. Need a product catalog? Fine!. Show of with your portfolio? Off course! I will not say that we have 1000+ modules available, because we don’t. With our platform the possibilities are endless.

Lots of cool features

Follow link to see the most important features we have implemented.