Did I mention this is a no-code platform?

This is our principle of design. While we think of new ideas and bring these new ideas to live, we keep on thing in mind: This is a no-code platform. We want to give our users the most flexibility without having to code, and without getting lost in endless posibilities.

We don’t just provide a pallet of all colours available. We only give choice in colours of your identity. This ensures a clear identity. The same accounts for fonts, sizes, etc.

The page builder is an easy to use drag and drop system. This can be used via the insite CMS or by the enhanced external CMS.

The form builder, inspired by the page builder, is not just a list of input fields. You can easily create rows and columns

You can easily find and use stockphoto’s on your website. This is completely integrated in our system. The image will be automatically compressed to the web standards.

Ok, you have a website. Of course you want the world to know about it. Content is key, and of course, your own responsibility. But we do everything we technically can to publish the website so the search engines pick them up as best as possible.

With our API you can automatically add pages on your website from your backend systems.

It’s possible to add users and roles on the platform. It’s possible to grant access to certain pages per role. You can add employees, who can see the latest internal news, or you can create a section for approved customers only.

All our templates are responsive, so optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Want to give it a try?

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